Best Headline: Mobile Is Eating Everything


Like this summer’s blockbuster monster Godzilla, mobile is crushing it in media and mobile ads are crushing it hard. Last week Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker presented data at the re/code conference showing that mobile ads are up 47 percent over 2013, and should continue going through the roof. There’s still amassive gap between time spent on mobile and ad dollars spent – but it’s only a matter of time. Add to that the fact that there are 6.8+ billion cell phones on the planet today (1.75 billion of those are smart phones) and it’s easy to see why mobile will soon dominate in every way possible.

Mobile is how consumers connect to the Internet. Mobile is where the search inquiries begin. Mobile is how business transactions are being done. Mobile will soon be how we pay for things. Everything’s gone mobile and it can no longer be a separate ad category for brands – it’s racing to the center of good campaign strategies.

Consumers’ habits have shifted to mobile-first. Whether it’s buying a car, planning a diet, shopping for clothes, or downloading music – everything starts with getting information mobile first. The migration of ad dollars to the mobile space is no surprise. It’s all about meeting the consumer where they ‘live’ and right now it’s heads-down on the mobile screen.

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