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I've been on this fad called the internet for a while now. It's fun. I've worked with many great teams to concept, build and improve sites and applications big and small. My favorite part is how it connects us, speeds tasks and eats the time we saved. Most of all, we win when we let the technology actually improve our lives somehow. I love contributing to cool projects. Reach out any time.

Recent blog posts written by Scott Bratcher

The One Clip That Can Keep Track of All Your Files

Files! We’ve all got ’em. Digital ones. Paper ones. Ones that help us maintain our cuticles that we’re sometimes embarrassed to admit we own. But I digress. For keeping track of the first two, there’s Verbatim’s new Clip-it USB drive. Available in 2GB and 4GB versions in a variety of colors, Verbatim’s Store ‘n’ Go […]

How an Economy Grows

Since World War II, most economists have been apologists for government growth.[1] Now the “experts” who never see a crisis coming tell us that we must once again abandon free-market principles to save the free-market system. But there’s always the possibility that people not seated at the government’s table will finally wise up. Who or […]

City Studies: Government Barriers to Entrepreneurship

How can Americans create private sector jobs? The solution to America’s jobs problem lies not with budget-busting federally mandated “stimulus” programs. Instead, what is needed are specific reforms that wouldn’t cost taxpayers, would create a broader tax base for cash-strapped cities and states, and would provide opportunity for millions of Americans who worry where their […]

Customers Appreciate and Buy When You Specialize

In an experiment, participants said they trusted websites, recommendation-providing software, and even computers labeled to perform specific functions more than the same Internet tools with general designations, says S. Shyam Sundar, a communications professor at Penn State. “In general, the attribution of specialization can increase the credibility of a product or any kind of object,” […]

Tweets could predict the stock market a week early.

By analyzing nearly 10 million tweets over 10 months, Indiana University scientists found they could predict the rise and fall of the Dow Jones Industrial Average — in some cases nearly a week in advance. “These online environments are starting to drive real-life social phenomona,” said Jonah Bollen, a scientist at IU who, along with […]

Sales Pitch Tip: Balanced Arguments More Persuasive

November 8, 2010 The instinct to paper over weaknesses in our argument is wrong—so long as we counter criticism. Every argument has at least two sides, even if sometimes, we’re not prepared to admit it. But in the heat of battle many people present their own side of the argument as though there’s no alternative. […]

Top 10 Blog’s Ways To Improve Your Twitter Followings and Image

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Lori McNee back as a guest on the blog.  Lori who is an internationally recognised artist has previously shared with us her Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity. Currently, Lori ranks as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter and was recently named a […]

Tips for Extraverts by Team Leadership

Interruption Fix Don’t interrupt; easier said than done, huh?  Stop yourself and apologize as soon as you realize you’ve done it, even if you are mid-sentence. When you and another start talking at the same time, insist they share their thoughts first. Realize that every time you cut someone off, you are preventing the flow […]