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I've been on this fad called the internet for a while now. It's fun. I've worked with many great teams to concept, build and improve sites and applications big and small. My favorite part is how it connects us, speeds tasks and eats the time we saved. Most of all, we win when we let the technology actually improve our lives somehow. I love contributing to cool projects. Reach out any time.

Recent blog posts written by Scott Bratcher

2013 Tour de Bass Century Ride (with KMZ/KML file)

Having just completed the Tour de Cox 62 mile ride, I’ve turned my sites on the Tour de Bass. This is the first century ride that I’ve found in the Springfield area. My brother is coming down for the event from Omaha and we will ride it together. I’m excited to break a distance barrier […]

Congress Should Stop Playing Customer Service

Dear Senator, Stop messing with this. Redirect the complaints to the phone companies. Let them handle customer complaints. This is not law worthy. This is a first world problem. AT&T would offer filters and track phone SPAM if they cared. But they don’t, so let them lose their customers to innovative mobile and competitive carriers. […]

IFTTT for iPhone

IFTTT released for iPhone. If you’ve not yet explored IFTTT, you need to! It’s awesome. It’s like a no-code API for all the web services you already know and love. (API: Application Programming Interface) This just means you can make two different systems talk to one another to do stuff they couldn’t do by themselves. […]

Let Independence Day Celebrations Start On the Eve Sweet twist of a holiday to create something fun for both sides of the pond. Think of it as a ribbing from your older brother. He gets to give you a ribbing, not because he’s better, just because he’s older. Thanks for a great campaign, Newcastle. Keep it freely flowing my friends.

Battery Tech Getting a Jump

Source: Battery technology has improved over the past decade, but now scientists claim they have made a giant leap in power storage, giving lithium-ion batteries 30 times more power and the ability to recharge 1,000 times faster “than competing technologies.” This is a battery breakthrough that could change the world — it’s “a whole […]

Bit-Torrent Releases File Syncing

Source: Like the idea of syncing files but don’t trust the cloud? You’re a prime candidate forBitTorrent Sync, the peer-to-peer service’s app that copies and syncs files between computers. Introduced in January, the app comes out of private beta with new features today. BitTorrent Sync is an app that runs on Windows, OS X […]

Cell Phones Power Satellite In NASA Experiment

Source: NASA this week took a handful of cheap but powerful smartphones, slapped them to a gigantic rocket and blasted them into low-earth orbit to see how they’d fare. The project, called PhoneSat, is one of those wacky experiments that seems at first to have nothing to do with science. But it’s not a […]

MSU Bookstore Seeks Designers

These two images are unrelated I am sure.

Digital 2013 and The Death of the QR

Ran across this link again in an email Curtis sent out. It’s a nice set of items. One thought about the QR. It is my opinion that this snippet is primary, rather than secondary: "Second, marketers have, for the most part, fallen short on their implementation of QR codes." Marketers failing user’s expectations, mostly […]

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