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I've been on this fad called the internet for a while now. It's fun. I've worked with many great teams to concept, build and improve sites and applications big and small. My favorite part is how it connects us, speeds tasks and eats the time we saved. Most of all, we win when we let the technology actually improve our lives somehow. I love contributing to cool projects. Reach out any time.

Recent blog posts written by Scott Bratcher

I bought a new MacBook Pro and this is what I installed.

Google Chrome Pretty sure they install Safari so you can download Chrome. Transmit Easy, reliable, fast, beautiful FTP transfer for your servers and whatnot. Fuse for OS X   Veracrypt For on-the-fly encryption of files and partitions. GPG Tools For encrypted conversations in email. Works right inside the Mail application. Little Snitch Network monitor and […]

Best Headline: Mobile Is Eating Everything

Like this summer’s blockbuster monster Godzilla, mobile is crushing it in media and mobile ads are crushing it hard. Last week Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker presented data at the re/code conference showing that mobile ads are up 47 percent over 2013, and should continue going through the roof. There’s still amassive gap between time spent […]

Ozark Greenway Trails On Strava Labs Heatmaps

I ran across an article about Strava Metro, where Strava is leveraging their massive data archive by selling usage stats to municipalities, planners and advocacy groups. Strava Metro’s site description ( “Strava Metro offers an entirely new way of collecting and analyzing cycling and running route preference data by leveraging the activity uploads of millions […]

Want Your iTunes Internet Radio Selection Back?

I thought they had removed this feature with the latest iTunes updates, but they merely buried it. Here is how to get your internet radio stations back on iTunes on mac for Mavericks and latest updates. 1) Select the Music tab in the left nav of iTunes. 2) If you don’t see the Internet tab […]

Microsoft Softens Hardware Stance

The Xbox-related news is pouring out today. First came the report that Xbox Live membersmay no longer need to upgrade to Gold subscriptions just to watch streaming videos. Now comes the announcement that the motion and voice-sensing Kinect is not so vital to the Xbox One as Microsoft had originally envisioned. When Microsoft launched the […]

Hacking Uncovers Lost NASA Photos

Sitting incongruously among the hangars and laboratories of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley is the squat facade of an old McDonald’s. You won’t get a burger there, though–its cash registers and soft-serve machines have given way to old tape drives and modern computers run by a rogue team of hacker engineers who’ve rechristened […]

Great Weekend at Hallett Raceway

This past weekend was a beautiful track weekend.

Impact of Link Count on Email CTR

Do fewer links mean more clicks? At a time when the popular look on the web is one of simplicity, it’s tempting to apply the same ideas to email. Less is more. The fewer prompts the better. But does this result in more click throughs, or are we simply indulging in form, over function? I […]

Branding Advice from Guy Kawasaki

“Tell me what brand of whiskey that Grant drinks. I would like to send a barrel of it to my other generals.” Abraham Lincoln In the real world, you don’t have infinite resources; you don’t have a perfect product; and you don’t sell to a growing market without competition. You’re also not omnipotent, so you […]

Adam Savage’s Awesome Robot Spider

This kick-butt spider has 3, count’em 3, servos in every leg. Watch him demo this unit by Robugtix. It’s amazing. [youtube] Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: Awesome Robot Spider! – YouTube. The bot: