Ozark Greenway Trails On Strava Labs Heatmaps

I ran across an article about Strava Metro, where Strava is leveraging their massive data archive by selling usage stats to municipalities, planners and advocacy groups. Strava Metro’s site description ...

Great Weekend at Hallett Raceway

This past weekend was a beautiful track weekend.

Impact of Link Count on Email CTR

Do fewer links mean more clicks? At a time when the popular look on the web is one of simplicity, it’s tempting to apply the same ideas to email. Less ...

The 3 Keys for @Social #Conversation

Follow these 3 rules and you’ll be okay even if you forget the rest of the social guru guidance. This applies, whether you are B2B or B2C, or even if ...

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Scott Bratcher

I've been on this fad called the internet for a while now. It's fun. I've worked with many great teams to concept, build and improve sites and applications big and small. My favorite part is how it connects us, speeds tasks and eats the time we saved. Most of all, we win when we let the technology actually improve our lives somehow. I love contributing to cool projects. Reach out any time.


I've been helping build the internet since 1996. The best creations on the internet make the real world better. The product of this pursuit will likely be my life's work.